10 Incredible Benefits of Playing Golf

Golf is a lot more than walking through green fields and occasionally stopping to hit a ball. It is a leisurely sport and one that doesn’t require vigorous physical exertion. The goal is to hit the small, white ball into a series of holes with as little hits as possible. But it is so much more than that.

So what do people actually get out of golf? Let’s find out.

Exposure to nature: When you play golf, you are outdoors for hours. This is especially true when you’re playing on a large course. There are so many great things about spending time in nature. For one, your body is relaxed as stress and anxiety ebb away from your body. For two, the sunlight on your skin will help your body produce the vitamin D it needs to keep your body healthy and strong.

Improved relationships: Although golf is typically played individually, it is quite a social pastime. As you play, you get to talk to the people with you about anything you want. It isn’t as physically taxing nor as competitive as many other sports like football or basketball, so you can easily carry a conversation throughout the game.

Strengthened bladder: This may be rather strange, but it’s true. As you play a round of golf, you’re often pretty far from a bathroom and have to hold it in. Just like any other muscle, your bladder strengthens when it’s used.

Less fat: A golf course often spans anywhere from 30 to 200 acres. That’s quite a bit of walking throughout a game, isn’t it? When you opt out of a golf cart and walk instead, you’ll find that you end up walking up to seven kilometers. Opting out of a caddy means you’ll get extra work done as well! You could easily burn up to a thousand calories in a single game – perfect for making up for all the beer in the 19th hole!

Healthier heart: Golf will give your heart a workout without having to engage in intense activity. As you walk, carry your clubs, and swing to hit the ball, your heart rate will be elevated and blood will flow throughout your body. This decreases your risk of heart disease and even helps you flush out more toxins!

Strengthened brain: The blood flowing throughout your body flows to your brain as well. This can do wonders for those nerve connections and even put off age-related dementia and other such ailments. Besides the physical strengthening, you’ll also get a mental boost of confidence as you see your swing improve over the years.

Better vision: When golfing, you’ll often have to center in on that small, white ball from far away. By frequently using your eyes to scan long distances, your eyes will get their exercise and even improve your coordination. Again, this is great for preventing age-related vision impairment.

Less risk: Golf is neither a contact sport nor is it a high-intensity sport. It is a leisurely sport without too much risk of injury. It involves quite a bit of strategy and technical movement skill. There is some physical activity involved but not enough to put your body at risk of injury.

More sleep: You’ll certainly feel the exercise you got throughout a day at the golf course when bedtime rolls around. Chances are you’ll fall asleep in an instant. You’ll also sleep more soundly at night.

Relieved stress: As aforementioned, golf is great for your mental game. It’s also great for your emotional game. You get to strengthen relationships, get some physical exercise, and spend time in nature. All these things help you loosen up and stop stressing too much. Those endorphins released certainly don’t hurt, either!

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