How To Plan The Perfect Golf Trip To Ireland

Unwind with the ultimate golf getaway. Relax and enjoy your time but If you’re going to do it, make sure you do it right. Here’s how:

Know The Numbers
Organising a golf vacation can be complicated, especially if you are trying to book multiple locations. Make sure to keep track of cash and make sure you have enough money. Plan out your trip before getting everyone to chip in and make your choices for accommodation and courses. It doesn’t have to be really expensive and you don’t have to cheap out either. As long as you budget it out, everything should be possible.

Our sister company Matthews.ie have a fleet of luxury, wifi enabled coaches of all sizes available to you. Our drivers are all knowledgable guides and will add a great element of fun to your trip.

We know, tee times can be early and you want to go to bed at a respectable hour but just because tee time is at 8:30 am, does not mean you should just ignore the nightlife when in a new city. You should check out the scene, go out and meet new people. Ditch google and get lost in a new place; get a change of scenery. Meet some locals and ask about things, pick their brains, find out where the hot spots are and go hang out!

If you look hard enough and you’re lucky, you can find golf resorts, specifically, where you can stay and play. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, there are plenty of other alternatives that will be in your budget. Compare prices, look around, do your research and try to look for professional discounts. Use travel sites, shop around and even call places to make sure prices online are aligned with the prices of the physical places, as sometimes it is not. Some places have professional discounts for organisations and union members. Find out if you are entitled to a discount at any places you might want to stay at. If you travel a lot for work, sometimes the perks can add up and you can cash them out in situations like these. Maybe even join a hotel’s royalty program. If all else fails, there is always AirBNB, HomeAway or VRBO.

Your Courses
Maybe you’re travelling to play that one course you and your friends have always wanted to play, or you want to find some courses that are located close by to one another. Whatever the case, the courses you choose will impact the fees you pay and the cost of gas or airfare. It’s most important that you remember that you’ll probably only play these tracks once. So enjoy what the course has to offer and have fun on the round.

Pack Your Clubs
If you don’t have a travel bag, there are some ways to pack your clubs together for a trip. You didn’t pay that much for your dream set of clubs just for them to be destroyed during your dream golf trip! Group all your clubs as closely together as possible while keeping your tallest in the middle of the pack. Cover the clubs in the middle pack with your rain hood to stop them from sliding around or moving and place a Stiff Arm in the middle of your bag and extend it beyond your tallest club.

Ship Your Sticks Separately
Try to find a golf club delivering company rather than shipping through United or mailing services as most people know that their ability to handle these kinds of objects can be quite sketchy. Do your research to find someone that specialises in handling clubs, guitars or any other delicate items. These companies will ship your clubs separately, with insurance, so that you don’t have to, taking the stress off you and your back as you stroll through the airport.

Data Packages
So you have your locations, budgets and transport planned. You come back from your trip to find a bunch of international charges on your phone bill! This has happened way too often to people who go off out of the country without purchasing an add-on package and didn’t anticipate all these data roaming charges.

If you want a more customised experience and a more specific budget, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! We are experts in planning golfing tours in Ireland and would be more than happy to help you make your golf tour dreams come to life.

Travel Insurance

It’s essential when planning a golf vacation to Ireland that you have adequate travel insurance.  This will ensure peace of mind to cover any unforeseen events especially if you need to cancel your trip prior to arrival.