Why Going On a Solo Golf Tour is Awesome

Solo Golfing

Golfers will usually travel in numbers – even numbers. If you’re the odd one out or are on a business trip but aren’t keen for a group tee, solo golfing is definitely an option and can be a quiet and relaxing experience.

Dates and Destination

Try to pick dates and places that are not hotspots for families with kids or honeymooning lovebirds. Some seasons are busier than others, and the same can be said for destinations. Try not to book somewhere that is famously romantic or family-friendly and pick off-season dates as there will be less of a crowd.

All About You

Golf packages usually come in twos and are made for a couple of golfers. Going in a solo golfing trip means you can make it all about you. Call beforehand and book to see if there are any customisable packages available. Make the most of it by being upfront and verbal about what you really want and bring up any concerns. Find out what you can do other than golf as well such as maybe yoga, spa, extreme sports and anything else. Being a solo traveler, you don’t have to share. This trip is yours.

No Competition

Not only can this be a chance to practice, but there is no temptation to compete, try to impress or emulate players. You can find your own rhythm and practice your performance, improving yourself. Make your own rules, play your own way.